exponential problems require exponential solutions
Table of Contents

What is the 29th Day?

What in the world is CIC?
CIC Principles?

What really happened to the Financial System in September, 2008? And what did CIC have to do with it?

Is the US Federal Stimulus Program actually stimulating the economy? Where is CIC?

Why are Americans feeling disconnected from the US federal government? The clash of CI and CIC

What are Core Values and why are they necessary?

CIC and the Lottery

Can CIC affect US Health Care Reform? - The Road not Taken

CIC and the US National Debt... uh, oh.

Does Iran have to be a 'rogue' nation? Is this CIC Chess?

CIC and the Media
Another clash of CI and CIC

CIC and The Family - Time Choices, Priorities, and Lessons

CIC and Entitlements - A Reality Check

Is CIC a panacea?, can it fail?, will it succeed?, can it be destroyed?, why should anyone use it?, who is likely to use it?

CIC and Demography
The Hidden Tsunami

CIC and Immigration - Has somebody been trying to use Slavery again?
Is this really a global issue?

CIC and the Mother of all 29th Days - Where are we headed?, ... And with whom?

CIC and the US Federal Reserve - heh! heh! heh!

CIC and the US Economy - Rolling the boulder down the mountain

Chapter 20
Can CIC affect US foreign policy?

Chapter 21
Can CIC affect the US energy system?

Chapter 22
Can CIC affect the environment?

Chapter 23
Can CIC affect the US government?

Chapter 24
*to be written


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