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November 5, 2012

How Can We Change the Future?

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CIC (kick) is the power unleashed by computers and the internet in the 21st century. CIC is the exponential force created by combining Creativity, Information, and Communication. You are not imagining the world is moving more quickly. It is. The old linear ideas of the Industrial Age and the 20th century don’t work anymore because they are just … too … slow. One of the most vital things that CIC does is to transfer or distribute power from institutions to their “markets”, that is, to people like you and me. This is happening whether the product of these institutions is cars, health care, government, religion, or working conditions. This is what empowers us to redirect the future.

An exponential solution relies on a Trusted Messenger with a Message which is an exact match to the (enlightened) self-interest of the target audience. This audience, therefore, adopts the solution immediately which makes it quick and effective (this is how Treasury Secretary Paulson was able to avoid an economic meltdown immediately following the 2008 Financial Crisis). This is the art of “fighting without fighting”.

On the other hand, a linear solution (a holdover from the Concentrated Power days of the Industrial Revolution) relies on persuasion and/or coercion and does not match the (enlightened) self-interest of the target audience. This audience, therefore resists adopting the solution which makes it slow and ineffective (the 2009 Economic Stimulus and Obamacare are linear solutions). This is the art of “fighting by fighting”.

So, what can we do to change the future? One way is to vote on November 6, 2012. No excuses. Another way is to support those with the courage to speak out (or speak out yourself). Yet another way is to do one act, one small act, that will begin to move us in the right direction. Remember, in this new world, all of these things will have an exponential effect. Such change will not come from government. It will come from the individual actions of millions of people who are willing to step out and have their say. Just look at what happened in 2012 in Egypt, for example. Recall how the United States became the United States. Don’t let someone else decide your future!

Our country is in a mess. You know it and I know it. We could use a miracle right about now. Many of us feel that Biblical miracles can be explained away as natural events. But this is only the how of the miracle. The real miracle is the when of the miracle. Think about how the Israelites escaped from the Egyptians because the Red Sea parted at exactly the right time. Would we think of it as a miracle if the Red Sea had parted, say, a year later?

My life experience, particularly close to nature in a remote area of Canada, confirms for me the reality of God’s Love and Power. It is the stuff of miracles. And so one question remains. Do we have the Courage and the Faith to ask God for one … right now? God does not do His work through governments. He works through individuals … like you and like me. Today is November 5. Tomorrow we elect a President for the next four years. You and I must decide if it is time to ask for that miracle.

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